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Welcome to Capture Foundation International, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its associated stigma and discrimination. Our mission is to create an enabling environment where everyone, regardless of their HIV status, age, or economic background, is given equal opportunities in all aspects of life.

At Capture Foundation International, we believe in the power of prevention, management, care, compassion, respect, and hope. Our efforts are focused on raising awareness, providing support services, and empowering individuals and communities affected by HIV/AIDS.

Mission, Vision & Objective

Improve the welfare, dignity and self-reliance of those affected by HIV/AIDS.


Capture Foundation International (N.G.O) is committed to fight HIV/Aids pandemic through prevention, management, care compassion, respect and hope by stopping discrimination among infected, affected, aged, orphans, poor and needy by creating an enabling environment where everybody is given equal opportunities in all aspect of life.

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Raise the general welfare and restore the pride and dignity of members who are infected and affected by the HIV. Create an atmosphere that will promote dialogued and reconciliation among members of different status, religion, thus enhancing the spirit of compassion, care, respect, hope, unity and discipline within the community.

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Capture Foundation International (N.G.O) features an absolute free community where basic needs and rights are put in place and the society can pursue its development affairs independently without discrimination of HIV/Aids stigma.

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Below is are some of the recent projects that we have implemented

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I have been passionately committed to Capture Foundation International because I believe in restoring hope, dignity, and equality to those affected by HIV/AIDS. Witnessing the resilience of orphans, the aged, and families devastated by the disease inspired me to take action beyond just medical care. Our mission encompasses education, vocational training, and economic empowerment to break the cycle of poverty and dependency. Through collaborative efforts with various stakeholders, we strive to create sustainable change and build inclusive communities. Every life we touch and stigma we dismantle brings us closer to a world where everyone can live with dignity and hope. Together, we can make a profound difference.

Simon Ngunjiri Gathoni



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