About Us

Capture foundation international was founded in 2006 by five members whose relatives were infected by HIV/Aids. Initially the organization was founded to fight the stigma associated with the infected which leads to discrimination.
In 2009, the members found that it was not only the infected who were being discriminated but also those affected in Education, treatment, jobs opportunities, business skills and other social activities.
On 5th December 2011 the organization formalized its registration as a registered Capture Foundation International under reg no:op/218/051/11/0610/7518, to reflect its membership who would be drawn from all over Kenya and abroad in order to fight the discrimination by creating an enabling environment where everybody through the NGO is given equal opportunities in all aspect of their social cultural and economic re-integration.
Currently, the organization has about eight thousand members from all over the country. It is assisting orphans, the aged, the poor and the needy by establishing free VCT Centres, health clinics, homes for orphans and aged and Educational centres.

Our Vision

Capture Foundation International (N.G.O) features an absolute free community where basic needs and right are put in place and the society can pursue its development affairs independently without discrimination of HIV/Aids stigma.

Our Services
To serve the community and the entire nation

Our Contacts
Afya Sacco Co-operative Building
Fisrt Floor Room No. 7�

P.O Box 52728 - 00200

Telephone Contacts:
+254 20 2212796/7
+254 721 771697
+254 731 284040



We appeal to our brothers and sisters in overseas countries and all well wishers to volunteer in any ways they can to assist the remaining children by sponsoring them with basic necessities like food, medicine, clothing and education.

Well-wishers can give a one off donation or on a monthly basis, yearly basis or for a lifetime, as long as the child lives.
We have a few well-wishers who have already volunteered and selected a few kids to sponsor. The volunteers we have sponsor kids with food, and medical supplies. Others offer themselves for education, food, clothing and school fees and other humanitarian help. They help the kids together with their ailing mothers.



aNN Anna’s education is sponsored by well-wishers.

Michael’s education is sponsored by well-wishers.

RUTH Ruth’s education is sponsored by well-wishers.


Lilian, Mcvine and Lydia – among others –rely on well-wishers for their food and clothing


Malvine, Alphine, Joyce -among many others- are on retroviral medication. They depend on well-wishers for their medication to enable them stay healthy.


Oscar Ochieng

Oscar currently has no sponsor and is in critical need. He was dying when we took him under our care. He had been abandoned inside this mud structure left to die. Both his parents are dead.
Oscar, and many others, are in serious need of sponsors. They need food, anti-retroviral medicine, clothing and people to sponsor their education.

We are looking for

  1. Individual donors who can sponsor one child or a group of children be it a one-time donation on a monthly basis, yearly basis or for a lifetime, as long as the child lives.
  2. A group or an organization to sponsor several children, on a monthly basis, yearly basis or for a lifetime, as long as the children are alive.


Our Mission

Capture Foundation International (N.G.O) is committed to fight HIV/Aids pandemic through prevention, management, care compassion, respect and hope by stopping discrimination among infected, affected, aged, orphans, poor and needy by creating an enabling environment where everybody is given equal opportunities in all aspect of life
Finally the Organization collaboration and partnership will be the key factor in the implementation of this project together with the Government of Kenya(Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, Ministry of Fisheries, Department of Children Service and Ministry of Labour) as well as other Organizations such as UNHCR, UNDP, CBOs, and Churches,Co-oparate Organization and Bank Institutions.

Our Objective

1. Raise the general welfare and restore the pride and dignity of members who are infected and affected.
2. Enhance and create awareness in the members and the community in general on the dangers posed by HIV/Aids and the related complication and deaths, thus the need to take care of the plight of the orphaned, widowed, abandoned children, street children and teenage pregnancies.
3. Create an atmosphere that will promote dialogued and reconciliation among members of different status, religion, thus enhancing the spirit of compassion, care, respect, hope, unity and discipline within the community.
4. Participate in Commercial Investment with a view to improving members living standards.
5. Promote cross-sectorial partnership in business
6. Provide education for the children of those infected and affected through sponsorship programmes and maintain vocational trade/ training for school dropouts.
7. Discourage dependency on charity and encourage self help.
8.Community Integrated Development Projects against Discrimination on HIV/Aids will be the guiding principles.
9.Capture Foundation International Projects Constitute all the programmes aim at facilitating, prevention, management, care, compassion, respect and hope for infected and affected in all aspect of life through social, cultural and socio economic integration.
These include:-.
i) VCT centers programmes.
ii) Homes for Orphans and Bed ridden programmes.
iii) Health centres programmes.
iv) Education and production skills in training in entrepreneurship programmes.

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